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    Thank you for visiting our site. Over the past 25 years we are pretty certain you have used one of our products without even realizing it. Have you ever sat on a chair, lounged on a sofa, walked on some carpet (underlay), sat on the chairs at the airport or at a Leaf game, slept on a comfortable mattress with good foam on top, gone to a theatre or a nice restaurant? We are pretty certain you have done a few of these things. You have tried us before but now you get to choose what you think is comfortable or right for your comfort application.

    We carry 45 grades of foam that can be cut down to any size or shape for furniture, packaging, marine, industrial or the best and most comfortable mattresses in any size or shape that you require. If you want Real Comfort it all starts with a good piece of foam. It continues with good foam. It's all about the foam. Foam is everywhere!

    We use the largest selection of foam grades from all over the world and the latest in sleep technology to make you and your partner a custom mattress with the best and most natural comfort ingredients at a great factory direct price. Whether you are looking for a memory foam mattress or all natural latex rubber, as a foam and mattress manufacturer we can show you all the options that are available in today's marketplace.

    If you want to buy a good mattress that is made with Real Comfort then you should get to know your foam first. Foam is the key comfort ingredient used in all mattresses. It is the fastest growing sleep surface and the number 1 brand of mattress presently sold in North America. All mattresses have foam in them. Chances are, if you are sleeping on a mattress you are sleeping on foam. What you may not know is that there are many different grades of foam and that they are not all the same.

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