Foam Grades

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The Right Foam for the Right Job

Category Grade Firmness Recommended Applications
Lightest Weight Lowest Cost 1030 Medium Packing foam, cheaper pillows, outside backs & arms, used for toppers in conventional spring mattress.
1112 Super Soft Thicker furniture backs greater than 4" thick or softer pillows. The firmness should be higher when thickness is lower. For 2" & 3" backs use 1118 or even better 1517.
1118 Soft
1324 Med Soft
1338 Med Firm Good furniture backs & arms. Basic occasional bedding i.e. Camp mattresses. For firmer or thinner commercial backs, used for backs with buttons for tuffting.
Basic Seat & Mat Grades 1517 Soft
1530 Medium
1535 Med Firm
1543 Firm For better quality backs or mattress toppers (use 1517). Basic seating used for office furniture, dinnette seats or furniture that is sold at flea markets or discount stores. Has a low cost but also has a lower performance level. Can be used for Sofa Bed mattresses or better Camp mattresses for heavier use.
Very Hard Specialty Grades 1570 XX-Firm
X550 Super Firm For 2" gym mats & really firm applications where thickness is limited. Automotive fire retardent grade used in commercial or boat seating. Better quality gym mats, exercise equipment, firm edges for firmer mats.
Good Value Used By Manufacturers 1830 Medium
1838 Med Firm
1850 Extra Firm This line is mostly used by furniture manufacturers that supply furniture to good stores. Good value for a conventional foam. Used for seating and bedding applications for full foam mattresses. Stores call it the best. We make better mattresses because we use better foam.
Qik-Dri Outdoor Foam QD30 Medium
QD50 Firm Qik-Dri Outdoor Foam is ideal for outdoor cushions that are exposed to the elements. However, if you are using water repellent fabric you may also want to consider Koosh Natural. It is mold and mildew resistant.
Soy-Based BioFoam EC26 Medium
EC32 Med Firm
EC38 Firm
EC50 Extra Firm Most manufacturers use the 1.5 lb to 1.8 lb density range for furniture seating. At 2.0 lbs per cubic foot Ecocell exceeds what is conventionally used by most furniture manufacturers. This line is good value for good furniture and bedding applications. It is less expensive than Curon and for manufacturers that think beyond comfort and design. White in colour. See Other BioFoams.
NEOCELL HD - Better 2.2 lb. soy-based high density foam
Soy-Based High Density BioFoam NC32 Medium
NC38 Med Firm
NC45 Firm
NC60 X-Firm NeoCell is the best High Density foam made in Canada. It is fire retardant and made with some soy-content. This means it will outperform conventional grades in both height loss and firmness retention. Our BioFoam grades contribute to environmental awareness and preservation by reducing energy consumption and global warming. This grade is a light blue colour.
KOOSH NATURAL (KN) - The best 2.5 lb and most natural high resiliency foam
The Best Grade for Commercial or High-End Residential KN16 Soft
KN21 Med Soft
KN26 Medium
KN31 Med Firm
KN41 Firm
KN51 Extra Firm
KN65 XX-Firm Its unique cell structure and soy content sets new standards. It has a softer surface, greater comfort and support, and better fatigue resistance than conventional polyurethane foam.

Guaranteed to maintain its original shape and firmness for the life of most people's furniture. Recommended by designers for high-end custom furniture and bedding. Koosh Natural is produced using the most stringent controls and Procedures which are evident in its consistency and performance. Manufactured with no PBDEs or CFCs which satisfy ecological concerns. Koosh is light green in colour.
Qualux Ultra Q11 Soft
Q26 Medium
Q31 Med Firm
Q41 Firm Qualux has been around a lot longer but it is not as natural as Koosh. It is well known by designers, contractors and architects for commercial and high end residential furniture. Before Koosh came along it was the symbol of quality cushioning throughout the furniture industry. Regular Qualux has a density range between 1.5 lbs and 1.8 lbs. Qualux Ultra has a density range between 2.3 lbs and 2.6 lbs. Qualux is gold in colour.
Smart iFoam [i] stands for intellegent iF15 Soft
iF25 Med Soft
iF30 Medium
iF35 Med Firm
iF40 Firm iFoam is modern smart foam that is made with Phase Changing Micro-Spheres. It maintains a consistent temperature, it is embedded with silver ions to deter bed bugs and, if you choose, it smells like chamomile and lavender. It is the latest and newest comfort ingredient that is being used in high-end mattresses all over Europe. It is now exclusively available, in Canada, at Foamite.
Memory Foam MF3012 Memory
VS4010 Enurtia
VG4010 Koosh VG
VE5515 Sensus Everybody wants memory foam for comfort. It is the best type of foam for pressure relief but it cannot be used all by itself. Usually it is laminated or rests on top of another foam grade which provides the support. Comfort, support and durability will help you to sleep better. Our Enurtia ViscoSoy (VS) and Koosh ViscoGel (VG) are made with renewable resources.
Latex Hybrid LH21 Med Soft Latex Hybrid. A mix of natural latex and polyurethane foam.
All Natural LX26 Medium 100% Natural Latex derived from the rubber tree.
* All Ecocell, NeoCell, Koosh & Qualux grades are fire retardant. Other FR grades also available.
* Items in green are either all natural or made with varying degrees of renewable resources.